Our offer

Waste management

We offer our experience in waste management: from development of waste strategies and principles for collection of different waste streams, to benchmark and comparison of treatment options and investigations for waste facility EIA’s and more. Our in-depth knowledge of technical equipment is an important base for waste strategies, investigations regarding waste logistics in early planning phases and technical-economical feasibility studies and implementation projects. We are experienced in e.g. automatic waste vacuum collection systems, food waste collection and treatment systems and property development waste systems for increased recycling. Swedish municipal waste management as well as commercial waste management is well within our field of expertise.

Organisation and Management

Waste management expertise consists of one third technology, one third legislation and one third organization. Add som financing and willingness to comply and you’re home, at least in theory. Our consultants understand the policy, political and decision-making processes. We assist in bridging the gap between decision-makers and hardcore engineers. We are experienced in cost-recovery models and the importance of legislation and requirements för the development of waste management and procurement. Our consultants provide insight in the Swedish system and share their experience from several projects in other countries around the world.

Sustainability and Area Development

From vision to implementation. We offer our experience from multi-disciplinary projects and different models: Donult Planetary Boundaries, SymbioCity and Ecocycle methodology. Waste management and the circular economy holds many more aspects regarding consumer awareness, supply and demand, energy, transportation, social aspects, ecology and much more. Liveability, to be short. We provide the more down-to-earth studies related to master planning, conceptual design and waste management when applying for building permits in Sweden.

Waste Management in Healthcare

Healthcare waste management requirements differ from ordinary municipal waste. The hygienic aspects and well-being of the patients is as important as occupational health aspects for care providers and service staff. Our consultants have experience from several development and redevelopment hospital projects. We offer our experience for spatial planning and functionality according to our Clients’ requirements.