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Annika Ekstrand

M.Sc. in Geography and Environmental Management, University of Stockholm

Ms Ekstrand has twelve years of professional experience as a consultant in waste management. She is an expert in municipal waste planning, EIA environmental impact assessment and environmental permits, design of public recycling centers and hazardous household waste public collection centers. Conceptual design and technical design of waste vacuum systems and healthcare waste collection in hospitals. Cost comparison of alternative waste collection systems in urban development areas. Ms Ekstrand is well informed of the challenges and possibility of the different waste collections systems and the work environment for the waste entrepreneurs as well as the users of the collection system. Experience from organizing international specialized waste management/environment study tours and training programmes.

Tel:+46 707 87 84 14
Epost: annika.ekstrand(a)urbanearth.se

Daina Millers-Dalsjö

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Ms Millers-Dalsjö has 18 years of experience as a consultant within waste management, sustainability and urban development. She has expertise in municipal waste management and disposal, waste management in city development areas and hospitals, biowaste, biofertilizer and biogas, Eco-cycle model and sustainability aspects of waste management, circular economy, waste avoidance. Previously ten years of professional experience from development and innovation of municipal waste management and waste planning at the Stockholm City waste management company.

Ms Millers-Dalsjö has international experience from e.g. Benchmark of automativ waste vacuum systems for Adème in France, Task manager for the Swedish Energy Associations participation in Global Sustainable Cities Network, strategic regional waste planning in Komi Republic (Russia), SWECO Caofeidian Eco-City planning (China), Skolkovo conceptual waste planning (Russia), Waste management plan for Baghdad (Iraq), Strategic Environmental Assessment according to EU, (Romania), Training of trainers – operation of small biogas plants, (Georgia).

Tel:+46 734 12 65 23
Epost: daina.millers-dalsjo(a)urbanearth.se

Towe Ireblad

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Ms Ireblad has fifteen years of professional experience from waste management and environmental engineering projects in Sweden as well as in international assignments. Ms Ireblad is an expert in municipal waste management planning including organization management, planning of waste collection and treatment systems, public procurement of household waste collection, waste tariff policy and design, environmental impact assessment and environmental permits as well as financial and organizational aspects in waste management projects. Ms Ireblad has consulting experience from landfill planning and conceptual design according to the EC Directive on landfills, conceptual design of waste treatment facilities, remediation techniques, closure plans, landfill gas extraction systems and leachate treatment, cost estimations and detailed investment plans.

Ms Ireblad has international experience from e.g. regional waste planning in Komi Republic, Russia (NEFCO), Design of a solid waste facility and closing of existing dumpsites, Adjara, Georgia (EBRD), Feasibility Study and remediation plan for an aluminum plant, Montenegro (World Bank), Training Programme within SWM for Azerbaijan (World Bank) and Team Leader in international training programmes in SWM (The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida).

Tel:+46 707 42 46 64
Epost: towe.ireblad(a)urbanearth.se

Milla Sundström

MSc Environmental Engineering, Lic.Eng. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Ms Sundström has ten years of professional experience as a consultant within the fields of environmental engineering and waste management. In addition, Ms Sundström has five years of experience from municipal waste management planning as project leader and expert with specific responsibility for introducing food waste collection from households, including evaluation of collection systems, planning, procurement and communication. Ms Sundström’s expertise also includes waste tariff design and financial monitoring and she has participated in several projects concerning public procurement. She has also three years of experience from projects concerning clean vehicles and renewable fuels - in particular biogas - from a previous position at the municipality of Stockholm. Ms Sundström has international experience from international projects carried out within EU, and also in e.g. Nepal and Mozambique and she has also experience from research and teaching at an international MSc-program at KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology).

Tel:+46 790 73 70 67
Epost: milla.sundstrom(a)urbanearth.se